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Here’s how cats show humans they love them


The Internet is filled with enough memes to let you know that cats are indifferent to people and that they treat us like we’re their personal slaves. I think people who found these memes funny are those who have never had a cat, and just assume that cats are selfish creatures, incapable of loving back.

Nothing could be further than the truth. There are many things I noticed while interacting with my cat, and, after reading stuff online written by experts and pet behaviorists, I discovered that there is plenty of scientific support for them.

Cats can and will show their love. Despite their insouciant nature, and their notorious stubbornness to be trained, they love us, their owners, just the same, if not more, than other pets. Here are some ways your cat can show you that she loves you (as I know mine does).



Head-butting is a labor of love

When I hold my cat in my arms, she does something as I can only describe as head-butting. No, it’s not an aggressive head-butt, but she does strive to aim for my forehead preferably. By the way, she purrs when she does that, so I know that it must be because she loves me.

Only recently I read that there is quite a reasonable explanation behind this kind of behavior. Certain glands are located in the head area, so, when your cat does that, she marks you as her family. The scent is a source of comfort for her, and that is why she does that.


Cats are fond of communicating through sounds

While it is easy to believe that cats are silent by nature, you should know that they are quite skilled communicators. If you spend enough time with your cat, you will notice that not every mewling, purring, or any other sound she can make, is the same as the rest.

Cats can reach a point where they create distinctive sounds that are only reserved for their loving owners. They will often express their affection by purring when you take them into your arms, will place small kitty kisses on your face, and gently touch you with their paws.



Cats are great at gifting

Cats are not emotionally challenged in any way. But they are selective, and that is something that should make you feel proud, as the owner. One thing I noticed about my cat is that she loves to express her affection by bringing me small gifts, usually in the form of toys.

Cats are great hunters and want to be appreciated for their efforts. That is why, when they catch mice or other small creatures, they want to present them. I know that this cannot be possible – or desirable – when living in an apartment, but, anyway, you should appreciate the gifts your cat brings you. They are, after all, nothing else but signs of love.